Final GSOC 2018 Report

This is the final report of my 2018 Google Summer of Code project. It also serves as my final code submission.

Short overview:


The main project was nacho, the web frontend for the guest accounts of the Debian project. The software is now in a state where it can be used in a production enviroment and there is already work being done to deploy the application on Debian infrastructure. It was a lot of fun programming that software and i learned a lot about Python and Django. My mentors gave me valuable feedback and pointed me in the right direction in case i had questions. There are still some ideas or features that can be implemented and i’m sure some feature requests will come up in the future. Those can be tracked in the issue tracker in the salsa repository. An overview of the activity in the project, including both commits and issues, can be seen in the activity list.

The SSO evaluations i did give an overview of existing solutions and will help in the decision making process. The README in the evaluation repository has a table taht summarizes the findings of the evaluations.

The branch of that implements oauth2 authentication against an oauth2 provider provides a proof of concept of how the authentication can be implemented and it can be used to integrate the functionality into other services.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few month and it was a pleasure to work with babelouest and formorer. Debian is an interesting project and i plan to keep on contributing or maybe even intensify the contributions. Maybe i can use the the oauth2 authentication on for my own application soon ;)


The list of reports in chronological order from top to bottom:

debian gsoc18